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Types and uses of valves-ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves

Many valves will be encountered in the construction of tapping under pressure, and some types of valves can be used for tapping under pressure. Therefore, if you want to manufacture a more suitable pressure tapping valve, you need to understand the pressure tapping principle and the valve manufacturing principle. The following briefly introduces the types of valves and commonly used pressure-opening valves.

Types and characteristics of household heating valves

Shut-off valve: In terms of appearance, it can be divided into straight type shut-off valve and angle type shut-off valve; that is, the straight valve and angle valve installed in front of the radiator, which are mainly characterized by simple flow path, dead zone and vortex The area is small, with the help of the flushing effect of the inner wall of the valve, it can effectively prevent the medium from clogging, that is, it has better self-cleaning performance; and the flow resistance is small, and the flow coefficient is larger than that of a single-seat valve, which is equivalent to the flow coefficient of a double-seat valve. .

Type classification of valve

According to the function principle and structure of the valve, it is a common classification method at home and abroad. Generally, the valve is divided into gate valve, stop valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, regulating valve, pressure reducing valve, and trap valve. Wait.

Summary of various general valves and special valves

Dark-stem gate valve: also called rotating-stem gate valve (also called dark-stem wedge gate valve). The valve stem nut is set on the gate. The rotation of the handwheel drives the rotation of the valve stem to lift the gate. Usually there is a trapezoidal thread at the bottom end of the valve stem. The thread on the bottom end of the valve and the guide groove on the disc will rotate the gate. It becomes linear motion, that is, the operating torque is changed to operating thrust.

What are the functions and positions of various valves on the air conditioning water system?

It can neither achieve its function better, but also bring too much hydraulic loss. Should be strongly rejected. 5. At the cooling tower, it is strongly recommended that the design institute use electric butterfly valves. If the cooling towers cannot be closed at the same time as the number of hosts are closed, energy will be wasted and cooling efficiency will be reduced. Dynamic balance valves are also used to better improve cooling. efficient.

What is the difference between copper ball valve and stainless steel ball valve?

Classified according to the structure of copper ball valve: floating ball type and fixed ball type. Main products such as: flanged floating ball valve, fixed ball two-piece ball valve, fixed ball soft sealing ball valve, fluorine-lined ball valve, fixed ball stainless steel high temperature ball valve, etc. 2. According to the copper ball valve circulation type classification: straight-through, three-way, four-way, five-way. Main products such as: straight-through one-piece ball valve, three-way flanged ball valve, etc. 3. Classified according to the assembly form of copper ball valve: one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, top-mounted type.
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