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chaodaZhejiang Chaoyue Valve Co., Ltd. (formerly Yongjia Wuxing hard seal butterfly valve factory), located in & ldquo; Hometown of pumps and valves in China & rdquo; Oubei (now Gaohu Town, Qingtian County), which is famous for its many years of scientific research, development and honest management, is now on a preliminary scale. Specializing in the production and development of hard seal butterfly valves and special valves is the company's long-term development goal.

After years of continuous innovation and development, the company now has the ability to produce all kinds of valves. The company took the lead in developing three-dimensional eccentric hard seal butterfly valve. The valve has compact structure, flexible operation and small opening and closing torque. The butterfly plate has stable operation, no vibration, low noise, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. Pneumatic and electric devices shall be configured according to user requirements to meet the needs of remote control and program control. Then, according to the needs of national key engineering construction projects, invest funds and equipment, vigorously develop new products and adjust the product structure. The valves developed and produced now include two-way sealing rotary ball valve, spherical two-way high-performance rotary valve, three eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve and other series; Product diameter: DN32 ~ 3000, pressure: pn0.1-6.4mpa, temperature: - 29 ℃ - 1100 ℃; The transmission forms are electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, manual, heavy hammer, etc. The company's products are widely used in water supply and drainage and sewage treatment projects in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection, municipal administration, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries, and play a positive role in sewage treatment, environmental purification and energy conservation. It is highly praised and relied on by users.

Quality leads to efficiency and reputation leads to market. In recent years, the company has improved its technical content on the basis of strengthening enterprise management and relying on scientific and technological progress. Reasonably arrange production, strictly test and continuously improve product quality. Strive to serve customers, be responsible for customers and satisfy customers. We sincerely hope to deepen understanding and promote friendship in cooperation with you, and look forward to establishing long-term and good cooperative relations with you.

Facing the challenges of the new century, the company will grasp the opportunity given by the times with reasonable product system, reliable product quality, competitive product price and good after-sales service. We are willing to join hands with you on the road of entrepreneurship.


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